bomix® - S7:INJECTEC-R
Description: Urethane injection repair kit for concrete foundations
Utility: Complete kit for a durable and permanent reparation of cracks in foundations. Once injected, the urethane expands and hardens to seal the crack. The urethane always keeps some flexibility assuring a long lasting reparation.
Application: Step #1, installation of injection tubes with temporary patching mortar. Step #2, urethane injection.
Details: Injectec is an injection system based on a polyurethane resin specially formulated for crack reparation in concrete foundations. When in contact with air and humidity, this resin reacts to form a flexible foam that completely fills cracks. Easy-to-use, it is ideal to fix water infiltration problems, at a reasonable cost.
Size: Trousse complète / Complete Kit
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