bomix® - S9:ALL-CRETE
Description: Acrylic based concrete Adhesive / Fortifier
Utility: Mostly used for reparations. As an adhesive it provides adhesion of concrete or sand-mix on an old surface. As an additive, it fortifies the mix increasing its long term durability and water resistance.
Application: As an additive, simply brush or roll on the surface to be covered. As a fortifier, it replaces water in the mix.
Details: A high-tech acrylic based latex additive that can be applied (with a paintbrush or roller) as a bond coat, directly on an old concrete surface to increase bond strength with a new layer of concrete (sand mix, parging mix). All-crete can also replace water in most cement-based mixes to increase adhesive strength, flexibility and durability.
Size: 1 L, 4 L, 10 L
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